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Why Use a Quality Inspector?

Improve quality – GoInspect are trained and experienced in identifying defects that do not meet building standards. We work together with the builder to ensure that high standards are being delivered.

Improve reputation – Handing over a defect free property is essential for establishing a strong reputation among your clients.

Save time and money – By identifying and rectifying defects, we can save resources managing client reported defects after handover.

What Is The Process To Eliminate Defects?

  1. Identification – This is our specialist area. We identify defects and issue a report to the builder to action.
  2. Rectification – The Builder organises the to have the defects rectified by the sub-contractors responsible.
  3. Completion – Defects have been rectified and the house is ready to be handed over to the client.

What Are The Advantages Of Using GoInspect?

  • Inspection reports with photos.
  • Defects assigned to trades responsible.
  • Reports are delivered promptly after the inspection has taken place.
  • Highly trained and experienced inspector


  • Trade specific reports on large projects – Each sub-contractor receives their own individual report of defects they are responsible for.
  • Defect statistic reports – shows which sub-contractors are not performing.

Volume Discounts?

We offer discounts off our standard pricing to suit your volume of work. Ask us for a quote.

Inspection Reports

Reports can be presented in several different styles. 1 item per page, 4 items per page, 8 items per page (most common) or in list format with image thumbnails on a separate page.

We can also produce sub-contractor reports for each individual trade. This is typically used on larger scale projects such as high rise and townhouses.

Statistics Reports

Which sub-contractors are letting you down? Who is responsible for the most defects? Well we can tell you based on the number of defects allocated to each trade. On high-rises and large projects we will issue you with statistics reports to help you to understand who is not performing and what areas need improving.

Inspection Certificates

As a third party inspector, we can issue quality inspection certificates. These certificates are used by the developer to show the investors that the dwelling they are purchasing has been inspected by GoInspect and meets or exceeds industry standards. In turn this will give confidence to the investor that they are receiving a good quality product.

What sets us apart from other inspection companies?


At GoInspect, we revolutionize the inspection report process by providing comprehensive reports enhanced with photos of defects. Unlike others who only provide plain text reports, we understand that modern homeowners demand more clarity and visual insight.


After investing 8 years in developing cutting-edge software, we proudly offer the industry's most detailed and user-friendly defect inspection reports.



Our reports not only identify defects but also assign responsibility to the relevant trades, ensuring that builders and subcontractors can efficiently rectify issues. This streamlined process makes us the go-to choice for accurate pre-handover inspection reports in Brisbane.