What Defects Do We Identify?

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What Is A Defect?

There are several different categories of defects. The main categories are damage, poor workmanship and incomplete work. We identify defects using the appropriate standards and guidelines obtained from the governing bodies in the industry. These include Standards and Tolerances Guide, acts, regulations, BCA requirements, Australian standards and manufacturers specifications.

Most Common Items Identified By Trade

Excess paint on door hinges.
Excess paint on window frames.
Missing paint to tops and bottoms of doors.
Scuff marks to walls and ceilings. (Usually from others)
Incomplete gap filling to adjacent surfaces.
Poor brush cutting-in.
Paint runs.
Spilt paint and non-protected overspray to other surfaces.
Missed paint to back wall of metal laundry cabinets.
Non neat cut in lines to feature walls or colour transitions.
Non neat check outs behind striker plates of doors.
Rattling doors.
Uneven door margins.
Binding doors.
Doors not latching correctly.
Non smooth skirting/architrave joints.
Privacy latches not tested at installation of door hardware bathrooms etc.
Loose bathroom fittings, towel rails, toilet rolls holders, etc.
Missing door stops.
Missing screws to door hinges.
Incomplete caulking to adjacent surfaces.
Incomplete or untidy silicone.
Incomplete or non-smooth grouting.
Chipped tiles.
Lipped tiles.
Damaged or heavily marked aluminium angles.
Visible debris and blocked floor wastes.
Damaged/Scratched floor waste grates.
Excess tile glue and grout left on adjacent surfaces.
Incomplete or untidy silicon to sanitary fixtures
Incomplete silicon to metal laundry cabinets.
Leaking or faulty operating toilet cisterns.
Leaking taps and faucets.
Leaking vanity waste pipes.
Non-cleared and blocked floor wastes.
Toilet seats not aligned or fitted correctly.
Incomplete installation of shelves, cupboard doors etc.
Scratched or damaged door/drawer fronts.
Missing screw caps.
Missing rubber bumps.
Doors and drawers binding and not aligned correctly
Chips to melamine shelving and carcasses.
Incorrect cut out positions of pipework by (Usually by others).
Incomplete Vermin Proofing to back sides of overhead cabinets in fridge spaces.
Incomplete caulking.
Faulty or non-operational lights.
GPO, Light switches not being installed level and plumb.
Missing GPO and light switch covers.
Excessive cut outs around electrical outlets and lights.
Incomplete installation of electrical.

Mortar joints not uniform or within tolerance.
Voids, holes or cracking mortar.
Cracked or chipped bricks.
Weep holes not cleared of mortar.
Mortar smears and stains on brickwork.
Control joints not sealed or finished neatly.
Excessive slab edge overhang.

Incomplete patching.
Non smooth sanding.
Pinholes in plaster.
Incomplete caulking to adjacent surfaces, windows etc.
Excess non removed plaster from adjacent surfaces like window frames etc.

Stone Tops
Incomplete caulking to all adjoining surfaces.
Scratches, chips or damage to bench tops.
Non neat joins to benchtops.
Uneven bevel to stone top benches.
Robe Installation
Robe doors not aligned to rest flush with adjacent walls.
Top track bump inserts missing.
Have robe doors been orientated the right way.
Scratched paint to door frames and robe tracks.
Chips or imperfections to mirrored glass.
Door edge rubber inserts not neatly tucked in at ends.
Is their sufficient paint coverage to inside of robe door top track?
Shower Screen Installation
Incomplete or untidy silicone work
Missing finger pulls to shower screen doors.
When water tested, Shower screen leaks to outside of shower.
Chipped or scratched glass.
Scratches to shower screen frames.
Wet Fire
Missing Sprinkler cover escutcheons.
Scratched Sprinkler cover escutcheons.
Sprinkler cover escutcheons not being fitted hard to ceiling.
Incomplete caulking around Grilles where gaps are excessive.
Grilles not be fitting hard to wall and ceilings.
Fire Doors.
Missing Hinge Screws.
Door closure speed not adjusted correctly.
Door hardware not latching or locking correctly.
Incomplete or missing door seals.
Window Installation
Scratches or damage to paint work of aluminumn frames and rivets
Incomplete or missing hardware.
Incomplete or missing glass seals.
Scratched or cracked window glass.
Incomplete or uneven caulking work.
Stiff windows and doors.
Rubber seals fitted incorrectly.
Incomplete installation of all caps and cover plates.
Scratched or damaged framework and posts.
Missing, chipped or damaged glass.
Inadequate surface preparation depending on contractual agreements.
Damage to walls and skirting upon installation.
Incomplete gluing of carpets in robe areas.
Non tidy or too obvious carpet joins.
Damage and or stains from others.
Humps in carpet or objects under carpet.

Roofing, fascia and gutter
Leaks or water retention.
Staining, folds, splits, dents, open joints, cracking and other distortions.
Scratches on fascia and gutter.

Chips, scratches or dags in render.
Non-smooth finish to render.

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