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How does it work?

Having a house built? Buying a new home? Make sure you are getting what you paid for- a defect free house.

Book Your Inspection Online

Organise an inspection through our Online Booking page.

We Inspect Your Property

We conduct a thorough inspection of the property and identify items which require rectification.


You Get The Report

We compile a report which we send to you and the builder.

Builder Fixes Defects

With a defect inspection the report, the builder can easily rectify all the issues that require attention.


Re-Inspection (Optional)

We conduct a second inspection of the property and check that all of the items from the first inspection have been rectified. We then issue another report.

Happy Customer

After the whole process is complete, the defects have been fixed and your new home is exactly the way it’s meant to be on handover. Perfect!

What’s Involved In The Inspection?

  • A full inspection is undertaken of the internal and external of the property.
  • Any aspects of the construction that do not meet industry standards are added to the defect report.
  • Minor paint and plaster defects are marked with easily identifiable coloured tape for the painter to rectify.

What defects do we identify? 

What sets us apart from other inspection companies?


At GoInspect, we revolutionize the inspection report process by providing comprehensive reports enhanced with photos of defects. Unlike others who only provide plain text reports, we understand that modern homeowners demand more clarity and visual insight.


After investing 8 years in developing cutting-edge software, we proudly offer the industry's most detailed and user-friendly defect inspection reports.



Our reports not only identify defects but also assign responsibility to the relevant trades, ensuring that builders and subcontractors can efficiently rectify issues. This streamlined process makes us the go-to choice for accurate pre-handover inspection reports in Brisbane.