7. It’s no secret that every tradie dreads the old 100mm trick. But there is a positive side to this defect because the large gap beside the screen door allows for really good ventilation into the shower.

Shower screen gap

6. How many doors do you see in this picture? No… your eyes are not deceiving you, that is actually 4 doors opening onto each other at the same time; 3 timber doors and 1 shower screen door. This is not technically a defect though, more of a poor design.

4 doors hitting

5. Is something missing here? Where is the 4th fan blade gone? This fan is only operating at 75% efficiency!

Missing fan blade

4. Every kitchen sink cabinet needs more storage space. That’s why plumber Pete has cut out a nice large hole in the base of the cabinet. You can keep all sorts of things in there… detergent, sponges, extra rubbish, cockroaches, mice, anything…!

Excessive pipe cut-out in sink

3. There’s nothing like having a warm shower… especially with the screen door wide open. Well that’s the idea with this design, you couldn’t shut the door even if you wanted to because it is hitting on the toilet!

Shower door hits toilet

2. Something just doesn’t seem right about this window. Where is the nice view outside? Upon further investigation the the builder has installed cladding on the outside of the building totally covering the window! Must be the modern look.

1. Have a look at this brilliant idea. Stroke of genius by the sparky here! I think this concept will catch on…