Once you decide to hire a professional for New Home Inspections Logan, you must have lots of questions in your mind like who is conducting it, how long does a home inspection take so that you can plan for the House Handover Inspections accordingly. It is necessary to know about the time consumed in House Inspection Brisbane.

New Home Inspections Brisbane is an essential part of the real estate transactions buying procedure. When you hire professionals for new home inspections, your first question may be “how long does a home inspection take?” Only experienced inspectors can answer this question perfectly as they have performed various inspections already.

According to the professionals, a house of 200-square-metre may take 1.5 to 3 hours to perform a deep inspection. Moreover, an additional 30 minutes can consume an extra 50 square metres. Also, the time depends on the number of home inspectors, many home inspectors work in a team or some perform the job alone, so, more people less time, fewer people more time.

Additionally, several factors help determine the average time consumed in home inspections a standard home inspection will include;

  • Roof problems
  • Safety hazards
  • Electrical issues
  • Plumbing issues
  • Structural issues

Apart from these factors, there are more that help determine the home inspection time, may include;

Experience of House Inspectors:

Experts suggest that you should hire a professional home inspector who has experience and performed hundreds of inspections so far.

Property size:

The standard size of a house may range between 180 to 220 square metres which might take about two or more hours to finish the task. If your house is 350 square metres, the expected time could be four to five hours.

Property condition:

If the house is in great condition, inspectors won’t require much time to document each detail. Therefore, there will be less inspection time. On the other hand, a home with many defects takes a lot longer to inspect.

Weather conditions at the time of inspection:

Weather conditions may slow down the inspection process, so, if it is raining heavily, inspectors may reschedule the inspection work.

Effective Communication between client and inspector:

Most home inspectors will permit the owner to question the home inspector about the home depending on the nature of the defects. This could add 30 minutes or more to the inspection time.

The report delivery time:

Generally, the estimated maximum inspection report delivery time is about twenty-four hours. However, most of the time we can create and deliver a detailed report within a few hours of the inspection.

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

Generally, home inspectors evaluate each part of the house including various structural components and general conditions. We can provide you with a detailed report specifying issues.

Your home inspection will cover the following aspects, such as;

  • Foundation
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Windows and doors
  • Structural components


Your home inspector will utilize a comprehensive checklist to get a detailed evaluation report of your home. As they hold years of experience, they can tell if there are severe issues in particular areas of the home.

Hire a professional handover inspection in Brisbane now so that you won’t face any difficulties or disappointments after investing your savings for a certain property. Not only do they educate the builder and the homeowner during the inspection process, but also create a light environment where anyone can ask questions to clear their doubts about the home.